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Feedback and Complaints


As a an officially listed private provider of Covid-19 testing, National Covid Testing™ values customer feedback as an essential process in helping us to continue to improve the services that we offer.

We will always do our best to respond to feedback sent to us by customers within 48-hours of receipt, or earlier, and do our best to fully resolve promptly any issues raised. We take all complaints very seriously.

We strive to provide the testing services in a way that does not generate complaints, however, when there are occasions that systems are overwhelmed or fail in some way to meet the expectations of our customers, we will do our best to find a satisfactory conclusion to your inconvenience or any other problem we may have caused you by not providing the level of service you expected from us.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything that has disappointed you. The best way to contact us is initially by email at support@NationalCovidTesting.co.uk. If the matter is urgent, or you are not getting a response from our team, telephone us on 0116 304 6220.

Alternatively, if you are happy with our services, please let us know by sending a quick email to


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