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Klinical Testing
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Frequently Asked Questions

Home Test Kits

How quickly will I receive my Home Test Kit?

If you order your Home Test Kit before 2PM during the week, you will get it the next business day. We normally send it by Royal Mail Tracked 24. Please note that if you order on a Saturday or Sunday you will probably get it the following Monday or Tuesday respectively. We will always do our best to get the kit out to you as quickly as possible.

What is in my test kit?

For every test you need, we will provide a bespoke separate kit. The kit will be clearly marked with your name. We strongly advise you not to swap any item from one kit to another as we have carefully registered it. Each kit will contain the swab, the transport tube, instructions, a Test Activation Form and a security seal to close the kit to post back to the laboratory.

Are your RAPID antigen lateral flow tests official?

Yes. We only supply and use officially listed kits, as required by Public Health England (PHE). They are CE marked and have the very high sensitivity and specificity needed to be on that list of approved devices.

What happens if I am not at home when my kit arrives?

There is section in the form online where you can add a SAFEPLACE. This will allow the postman to leave it at your property if you are not in.

What is something is missing from my kit?

In the very unlikely event that something major, like the swab or transport tube is missing from the kit, please contact us immediately for a free replacement kit. Be aware, it will be shipped out for next day delivery, so factor in your travel schedule accordingly.

Test Centre Visits

What should I bring to the Test Centre?

You must only attend a Test Centre during the ‘Testing Times’ indicated on the searches for the sites. When you come, your will need the following:

Please following all health and safety precautions such as wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance.

Why should I use a Test Centre rather than a Home Test Kit?

The key advantage is you can place an order online and then immediately attend the same day during ANY Testing Times, in ANY Centre for your swab. YOU DO NOT NEED AN APPOINTMENT. You will save 24-hours over having to wait for a Home Test Kit. This will be very useful if you book a Pre-Departure (Fit-To-Fly) or Test-To-Release Day 5 test and need the result quicker.

Am I allowed to leave my home to visit a Test Centre?

Yes, you can come to any Test Centre, for instance if you are doing your 10 day quarantine, to carry out any test for travel purposes.


When will I get my results?

Home Test Kits: Within 24 hours from the arrival of your sample at the laboratory. Your will post back your kit.
Test Centre Visits: Within 24 hours from the arrival of your sample at the laboratory.

Do you send results on weekends?

Yes. Results are being produced by the laboratory 24-hours, 7 days a week. As a provider, National Covid Testing sends out the certificates of the results several times throughout the day, including weekends and bank holidays.

Orders - General

When will I get my Day 2 and Day 8 Home Test Kits?

You can book these before you leave the UK, or before entering/returning to the UK. As you will give us your date of entry into the UK beforehand, we will time the shipping of the kits to arrive on Day 1 or Day 2 to your residence/hotel. Day 0 is the day your arrival in the UK.

When should I do my test before travelling?

This depends on two factors:

1. Whether the foreign country you are travelling to requires a PCR or RAPID test to enter
2. The number of hours the foreign country requires the testing to be done before entering their border, e.g. 48 or 72 hours

Using our Pre-Departure (Fit-To-Fly) tests to leave the UK for countries requiring a PCR test

Most countries require a PCR test within 72 hours prior to you boarding your flight/ship/train. Based on this, we advise you to calculate the time back from the day of your departure. For example, you are departing on late Friday night (latest time): you will need to take your swab on Wednesday morning (earliest time). Your airline and destination will have their own requirements. It is therefore important to check with your airline/travel agent the requirements and take your test within the suggested time frame.

Using our Pre-Departure (Fit-To-Fly) tests to leave the UK for countries requiring a RAPID test

Check if the foreign country requires you to take your Pre-Departure (Fit-To-Fly) test 48 or 72 hours before departing the UK. The big advantage of doing this RAPID test is that you can get your result very quickly. The test takes as little as 15 minutes and an official certificate is issued in a few hours (we verify the result first).

For Home Test Kits

Order your kit several days in advance. Then you can easily carry out the test 72 hours before departure. Remember, you have to send the kit back to the laboratory, it needs to be tested and, the result emailed to you. Therefore we strongly advise you to carry out your swab test and post it immediately ON THE DAY THE KIT ARRIVES MAKING SURE YOU POST IT ONE HOUR BEFORE THE LAST ROYAL MAIL COLLECTION TIME AT A NEARBY ‘PRIORITY-POSTBOX’ to avoid any potential delays.

For Test Centre Visits

You can attend for a test as soon as you receive your email confirmation of the order placed. You will receive an Order Number which will also act as your Booking Reference Number (if applicable for the Day 2 and Day 8) for your Passenger Locator Form. Take this Order Number only during ‘Testing Times’ to ANY Test Centre: YOU DO NOT NEED AN APPOINTMENT for any Test Centre (wait and be served). If for any reason they cannot carry out the test, please feel free to attend another Centre. Your booking allows you to go to ANY Test Centre.

What is your refunds policy?

If you have booked a Pre-Departure (Fit-To-Fly), Test-To-Release or Return-To-UK RAPID test at a Test Centre, you can cancel your order as long as you have notified us before the day of your test. There is no cancellation fee.

If you have ordered a Pre-Departure (Fit-To-Fly), Test-To-Release or Return-To-UK RAPID test and the kit has not been shipped out, a refund will be issued with no administration charge.

If you have booked a Pre-Departure (Fit-To-Fly), Test-To-Release or Return-To-UK RAPID Home Test Kit and the kit has been sent out a refund will be issued if the kit has not been opened and you send the kit back to us using tracked postage and with proof of postage. Please contact our team for further guidance if you would like a refund and need to send the kit back to us. There will be a £20 administration charge (per kit) for cancellation of a Pre-Departure (Fit-To-Fly), Test-To-Release or Return-To-UK RAPID Home Test Kit once we have shipped the kit out.

If you have booked a Day 2 or Day 2 and Day 8 test, then we will have issued a Passenger Locator Form number (which is the Booking Reference Number): we cannot issue you a refund once this has happened. If your travel plans have changed and you are coming to the UK at a different date you can use the issued Booking Reference Number for when you do come. Make sure you contact and inform us of you new dates so as we can assist if required.

Can I change my booking?

Yes. If you have to change your date of your flight, or take another flight for any reason, please contact us and we will help you. The Booking Reference Number (used for the Passenger Locator Form) issued to you is unique to you and can be used anytime (only once).

Testing Requirements

What tests do I need to return to the UK?

Travellers to the UK will need to:

The testing requirements depend on whether you have arrived from a ‘Green’, ‘Amber’ or ‘Red’ listed country - more information on this can be found on the government website.

What testing do children require?

For Pre-Departure (Fit-To-Fly). This depends on the country you are travelling to. Generally, most countries do not require testing for the very young (ages vary). Please double check and purchase the test if required from our site.

For returning to the UK. All children aged 11 to 17 years need proof of a negative Covid-19 test before entering the UK. For children aged 10 years or under, no such proof is required.

We supply Return-To-UK RAPID test kits which you can take with you abroad, do the test just before returning, get a certificate by email and, you will be back without the stress of having to look for a testing facility abroad. These tests are easy to carry out, requiring only a nasal swab, and are provided with clear instructions including access to a video to help you.

Day 2 and Day 8 Testing. Children aged 4 and under do not need to take a test.

Test-To-Release Day 5 Test. Children of all ages must take the test if adults in the same household are taking part in the scheme.

What is the Test-To-Release Day 5 scheme?

This is optional. The Test-To-Release scheme involves a PCR test taken on day 5 after your arrival with the purpose of releasing you early from your 10 day quarantine. 

More information on the Test-To-Release scheme can be found on the government website.

Please note even if you test negative through the Test-To-Release scheme and finish your quarantine early, you still need to take your Day 8 test.

I am staying in the UK for less than 8 days, do I still need to book Day 2 and Day 8 Tests?

No. You only need to book a Day 2 test.

About National Covid Testing

Who is National Covid Testing?

We are a well established team of NHS professionals, working in the field of general practice, based in the East Midlands, UK. We have a long history of providing high quality medical care and travel services for all our patients, which we are extending to assist in the form of Covid-19 testing for the general population.

Is National Covid Testing registered officially?

Yes. We are a UKAS applicant (number 23132) as well as being officially listed with the UK Government (DHSC). These registrations are legally necessary for all suppliers of Day 2, Day 8, Test-To-Release Day 5 service providers.


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